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Our mission is to give aspiring and experienced authors the cutting-edge advantage of publishing their books, books that go on to impact our readers’ personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

         While writing a book can provide many benefits for the author (see “14 Benefits of Becoming an Author ”), we don’t believe there’s any “one-size-fits-all” in the publishing world. Some authors do best being traditionally published. Others can do everything themselves. But if you want the control of self-publishing while benefiting from our writing, editing, and promotional experience, then maybe we should talk. 


         We look for books that we believe in, written by people who have something to say, and can impact our readers. Not every project will be accepted. But if we do work together, we can design a package that will fit you and your needs, regardless if you’re just starting with a brilliant idea or have a completed manuscript.


         Our services include ghostwriting, editing at all levels (developmental, content, line, and proofreading), coaching, publication, and promotion. Said another way, we turn ideas into words, words into books, and books into results.


         For more information, or for a personalized quote complete this form and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.

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